​Hi, I’m Gillian. Nice to meet you!

I’m a working mama with two kids and an awesome husband, living on the West Coast of Canada near Vancouver, British Columbia with our two crazy black cats Martha and Stewart (yes, seriously). I work full time in community relations and event management.

I founded Mom Camp in 2018, in the middle of an incredibly stressful time at work and at home. (Because that’s what you do, right? Start another business when everything is total chaos?!) Work was insane and the behaviour at home was more than challenging. I found myself desperate to get away, on the verge of burnout. A weekend away, away from the stress, away from the chaos. I wanted to go into the woods, to stay in a cozy cabin, have campfires, to relax, learn and grow, to reconnect with me. I actually said out loud “I want to go to camp,” and then a second later I blurted out “MOM Camp!”

While the actual Mom Camp: The Camp is AWESOME (yes, it’s a real thing), I quickly realized that what we really need is to create a life we don’t need a break from. A life with health, energy, time, and happiness. A life where we have the tools to live as our best selves, in body, mind and home. Camp is a place for new experiences, learning, connection and transformation. That’s where Mom Camp was born. Mom Camp Life, beyond the camp. I became obsessed with helping busy moms put themselves back on their own priority list, and re-igniting their own “spark.” This has grown into a platform, the Mom Camp: IGNITE membership community, and the Mom Camp: Around the Campfire podcast.

I’m often asked by other moms how I manage it all – work, family, building a business and staying healthy. There is no magic answer, it’s different for everyone, but it IS possible. Through my podcast, Mom Camp platform, and coaching, I share the tips, systems and tools that have worked for me, to help me create health, energy and happiness as we navigate the chaos.

Hope we can chat soon!