Let’s work together! 

Are you feeling like you are spinning your wheels, spending the majority of your precious time on the things that don’t matter or move the needle? Do you struggle to put yourself on your own priority list, never making time for you? Do you know you have an incredible idea, but have no idea where to start because you are managing all the things that come with being a mom? Let’s talk!

I am passionate about helping moms find a healthy balance between work and life, whether you’re building a business of your own or a corporate career. You can make time for all the things that matter most to you. It is possible to to build a thriving business, to move your professional life forward, without sacrificing your personal life or your own well-being.



What could we work on?

Sessions can focus on home life and personal well-being, or on developing strategies to launch or build your business. Or both! My super power is giving you the strategy and action steps to take in whatever area you want to work on, lighting a fire inside you so you are inspired and motivated to put your plan into action, and keeping you on track along the way.

Working together we can:

  • help you gain clarity on what matters most to you and your family
  • show you how to set priorities and boundaries
  • teach you where to spend your time to have the biggest impact
  • give you awesome accountability and support
  • motivate you to keep going when overwhelm threatens to kick in


Check out the options below for how we can work together, or reach out and we can customize something that will be the right fit for you and your life.

Schedule a complimentary, no obligation 15-minute connection call and let’s see how we might work together to help you achieve your goals! Find a time on my calendar here.

Are you ready mama? Let’s do this!

Clarity Call

Sometimes it just takes time with someone outside your circle to give you the perspective you need. In our one-hour Zoom conversation, we will dig into what’s moving you forward in life or business and figure out what’s holding you back. It’s all about clarity and action – together we’ll discover the best strategy and action steps to help move you forward towards your goals, so you can start increasing your impact and income in a way that works for you and your family.

Topics Can Include:

  • Healthy habit basics for success

  • How to adjust your family routines to prioritize time for your own well-being
  • Business strategy – your next best action steps

  • Social media & marketing strategy and action plans

  • Scaling your business


*Prices listed in Canadian dollars.

Balance in Action

Over the course of 3 months, I’ll guide you to discovering the blueprint you need to establish a healthy balance between your work and life. Think of me as your Balance BFF, helping you go after your dreams with manageable action steps.

Coaching topics can include:

  • Establishing a healthy foundation for success

  • Time management and prioritization

  • How to grow your business while managing a busy family

  • Business action – social media, PR opportunities, narrowing your niche, speaking directly to your dream client and so much more!

The Balance in Action package includes:

  • 3 consecutive months of support

  • (6) 30-minute Zoom Calls (schedule to be agreed upon, with what makes sense for your goals)

  • Voxer and text access (Mon-Fri)

  • Email Access (up to 24hr response time)

$300/month or a $750 one-time payment

*Prices in Canadian dollars. 


Built for You

Together we can develop a plan and a coaching relationship that works best for you and your particular goals. You may want additional accountability and connection, a full roadmap for your action steps or a longer-term relationship with monthly check-ins to keep you on track. We will design a custom package that is the best fit for what you need.

Cost: TBD

Want to get to know me a little better before we connect? Check out the Mom Camp: Around the Campfire podcast!